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Mexican Masks

The Mexican masks Collection

Masks have played a role in Man’s efforts to influence the seen and unseen world since the earliest times; masked beings appear in rock art throughout the world. The mask offers anonymity, it provides the transformative power of an assumed personality and a different view of the world, where it is possible to act in totally unusual ways.

The Latin word for “actors mask”, persona, has come to signify the individual’s social fa├žade, the role we assume as the result of early training, or, it is based on our perception of society’s expectations.

Identification with a specific persona inhibits psychological development, while a flexible persona nurtures a strong ego. This would suggest that we all may benefit from a change of face from time to time.

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Michael Earney’s Mexican mask collection is a colorful rendition of of the cultural icons. Inspiring a book, Caras Magicas