Michael Earney with Painting

“Michael P. Earney is an amazing artist.” Collector

“It is through the disorientations of perception that we may best understand the fundamental strangeness of the world”
Linda Bierds- The Profile Makers

Within our shared world view perceptions differ greatly from person to person. We can never really know what another sees, even when we agree about what we are seeing. Reality is no more than an interpretation. In many respects the images in my paintings are there to entice the viewer’s attention until the perceptual biases loosen and a change occurs. The line between reality and non-reality is readily crossed, given the right stimulus. These paintings of the overlooked and unusual might present an opportunity for opening to the boundless mystery that surrounds us. I am Michael Earney.

Meet Michael P. Earney


I have worked in a variety of media. Documentary filmmaking was the one that demanded the widest area of creative skills. In order to raise money for a film one must be able to describe the project in written proposals, outlines and scripts are needed. Aside from having to communicate one’s aims to potential funders, it’s important to convey one’s aims to those with whom one will be working. Putting together a film is like constructing a 3d jigsaw puzzle. Levels of sound and image must be edited in order to tell a coherent story. My paintings contain stories some part of which may reach the viewer.


Writing is more direct, in many ways a simpler means of communicating. We all use words, we know what words mean or we think we do. Nuance, the double entendre, irony, sarcasm, misleading statements and outright lies make things more complicated. That saying, ‘a picture’s worth a thousand words’ is never more true than when the written word has to somehow convey the expressiveness of the spoken word. I have enormous respect for the great writers. Good writers and really anyone that can sit down and write a book or article. I never thought I would seek to join those ranks. My books…


My other endeavors have given me certain abilities and somehow that mysterious force known as creativity within me is finding expression in the written word. My A to Z series of books continues to expand, the most recent ones incorporate images from a variety of sources to augment my originals. The paintings I did for each book are accompanied by text about each of the paintings. They follow the format of my, “Magic Faces, Caras Magicas” though, in that case, the paintings were completed as standalone art pieces with the text coming later.  Artwork…

Fiction writing is a venture into uncharted territory which is proving to be as intriguing, exciting, mysterious, rewarding and enjoyable as any I have traveled. I hope to continue adding to the works I have already published and to discovering more ways to connect with readers. – Michael P. Earney 2017