Artist & Author Michael P. Earney


The Birds Collection

This gallery is composed of a collection of watercolor paintings of birds from across Western hemisphere that are featured in Michael Earney’s “The A to Z Book of Birds – An ABC for Young Bird Lovers.”

Michael’s realistic renderings depict birds in their natural habitat engaged in activities that bird lovers will instantly recognize.

Birds Artwork Gallery

All bird originals are watercolors on art board or paper.
Sizes range from, 8’5″x 6.5″ to 15″ x 12″. Prices available on inquiry.


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Michael Earney

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To buy prints of selected works online, please click this link to access the Michael Earney: Roadside Memorials Gallery at FineArt America. This website also offers Michael’s artwork on greeting cards, iphone covers, tote bags, duvet covers, and other formats.

Michael Earney’s Birds collection is a colorful rendition of of the flying fowls. Inspiring a book, The A to Z of Birds