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    As a fine art painter, ceramic sculptor and documentary film maker Michael Earney developed the skills of observation, construction and integration, all of which he now employs as a story teller. In his non-fiction works, the ability to illustrate, design and write, lends books like, “The A to Z book of birds” and The A to Z book of Weeds and other useful Plants” their unique character.

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    Michael Earney Artist Extraordinaire

    Michael Earney is truly an artist extraordinaire. Since 1993 full time professional artist painting several major series including, Puertas de San Cristobal, Projectile Point and Mascaras de Mexico, among other works including two limited edition serigraphs as part of Coronado Studio’s Serie Point Project; Serie V and Serie IX.


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    Within our shared world view perceptions differ greatly from person to person. We can never really know what another sees, even when we agree about what we are seeing. Reality is no more than an interpretation. In many respects the images in my paintings are there to entice the viewer’s attention until the perceptual biases loosen and a change occurs. The line between reality and non-reality is readily crossed, given the right stimulus. These paintings of the overlooked and unusual might present an opportunity for opening to the boundless mystery that surrounds us. Michael Earney

Artist, Author, Renaissance Man: Michael Earney

Michael Earney is a renowned fine arts painter, but he is so much more! Michael has been a commercial artist, a tee-shirt designer, a maker of one-of-a-kind decorative folding-screens and headboards, ceramic sculptor, a potter, and an award-winning documentary filmmaker.

But that’s not all!

Michael Earney co-authored Land and Cattle.  His paintings of Mexican masks are collected and published in “Magic Faces, Caras Magicas”. Earney wrote the text which is in English and Spanish. His work is included in Las Aves de los altos de Chiapas and La Pitahaya en las Artes Plasticas, and has contributed both artwork and writing to a variety of publications.

Plus, Michael’s published a dozen books so far, the most popular being the A to Z books; which showcase his paintings with an educational aspect. There is “The A to Z book of Wildflowers“. Additionally, “The A to Z Book of Birds“. Also, “The A to Z Book of Weeds and other useful Plants“, A to Z Book of Mushrooms“, “The A to Z Book of Did You Know”, and the latest “A to Z Book of Cats“. He also has 4 published mysteries.

Learn more about Michael’s Books here…

Alga and Kevin by Author Michael P. Earney
Alga and Kevin
The A to Z of Did You Know
The A to Z of Did You Know

Learn more about Michael’s Books here…

Michael Earney has multiple collections of artwork, ranging from his latest featuring Mushrooms of all types, soon to be released in his upcoming book. His Mexican Masks collection played a role in Man’s efforts to influence the seen and unseen world since the earliest times; masked beings appear in rock art throughout the world. Roadside Memorials, Puertas, and Headboards also have something unique to offer. Birds, Wildflowers, and Weeds are from his A to Z Books. You can learn more and purchase prints at Fine Art America.

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